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The open road is your dream

Our Focus

What Does Regalis Speedsters Represent?

We love the iconic Porsche Speedster and are thrilled to offer a replica that matches the details while opening the door to your imagination.

Regalis Speedsters are unique since they are the only speedsters on the market with an authentic parking brake setup as a standard option. This removes the number one way to identify that a speedster is a replica, while truly align with the goal of producing a period correct replica of this beautiful car.

List of reasons our is the best speedster you can buy,

  • Hand laid fiberglass bodies not blown fiberglass.

  • Our chassis is powder-coated not painted like the competition. Powder coating protects the chassis from rusting 

  • Rack and Pinion Steering

  • 3:88 Freeway flyer Transmission is standard and correct for the 1915cc or larger engine option as well as in house EV specialist if you choose to go that direction. 

It's All About You

At Regalis Speedster, our mission is rooted in your excitement, enthusiasm, and satisfaction. As a customer, you will always be our focus. With an understanding that the Speedster is more than just a car, we aspire to tailor an experience with you in mind. 

Our steadfast dedication to our customers entails a high level of detail with respect to our cars. We are committed to delivering a premium product - a Speedster that resembles the original model like no other. 

Assembled in-house with the highest quality components, our Speedsters are made with you in mind. For those with an affinity for the finer qualities of life. For those who value both simplicity and elegance. And for those with an appreciation for timelessness. 


Our  Regalis Speedster 

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At Regalis speedsters we are obsessed with the Porsche speedster. An iconic car that thrills car enthusiasts and young children alike. In paying tribute to this amazing car we do it by honoring the details. Our cars are the only replica to remove the number one sign that it's a replica, and that's the emergency brake sitting between the seats. The proper location is under the dash which is where we put ours as a standard option. The rest of the car is an improvement on this original car. With engine choices the range from average powered 1600cc VW engines to full electric drivetrains and everything in between. Our foundation is quality and then we layer in full customization. Full range of colors both interior and exterior, heated seats, AC, electronic fuel injection, Italian leather, and on and on.  You want to really get crazy how about a full carbon fiber body or suicide doors? It's your dream that we want to deliver. Our goal is to deliver a product that not only meets our customer's expectations but also gives years and miles of enjoyment.

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