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At Regalis Speedster our success is dependent on you being thrilled to own our car. Your happiness with our cars will lead to great testimonials that will power our business forward. It is all about you at Regalis Speedsters. To that end we are highly focused on delivering a Speedster that is the most authentic and the closes to the original Speedster available on the market, that is made of high-end components assembled all in-house with the utmost attention to quality that can be delivered. Our Speedsters start well equipped offering more value and equity to your car than any competitor. This list identifies what is standard with our car. 

  • 1915cc engine - Enough power to easily drive away from a bad day and into your relaxing happy place

  • Vintage speed shifter

  • Full Exterior Trim with Speedster Badging

  • Full Weather Equipment including StayFast Top, Side Curtains, and ¼ Tonneau

  • Single Vent DeckLid

  • Wood Nardi style steering wheel

  • 2-point seat belts.

The balance of this list are included in our starting price but are upgrades and additional cost from our competitors

  • ** Premium Leather Interior - Because you are worth it and shouldn't have to pay more for it, our gift to you. 

  • ** Period correct placement of the parking brake under the dash- we removed the number one way to identify a replica and give you a little more space to make your drive comfortable.

  • **Period correct location of map pockets and carpet configuration- Not something anyone else offers, again the attention detail to representing a real Speedster.

  • **VDO gauges - the standard in gauges but we give you the choice of white or black at no additional cost. 

  • ** Interior heater -  

  • ** Engine oil cooler

  • ** 3.88 Freeway Flyer Transmission is the best of the best and ensures you have the smoothest highway experience. 

  • ** Chrome Wide 5 Wheels with Pirelli tires - where the rubber truly meets the road we only use the best tires available, Pirelli tires

  • ** Disc Brakes all around- Your safety is of the utmost importance

  • ***Rack and pinion steering - not even an option from any of our competitors 

  • *Door pulls - sometimes it's the little things that matter 

  • ** Powdered coated chassis- give your car the most protection from rust and while you don't see it this is important. 

  • *Hand-laid fiberglass - Hand laid is better than blown.


Steering wheel

The Wood 3 spoke Nardi style steering wheel is the standard with our cars. The upgrade steering wheel is the Banjo steering wheel available in Black or Ivory. 

wood 3 spoke_edited.jpg
ivory banjo.jpg
Black Banjo 2.jpg
underdash parking brake.jpeg

Parking brake

Seems unimportant but it's the quickest way to determine if a speedster is a replica or not. With our cars this is a standard option.

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